Altocielo 2012


• Syrah: 75%
• Graciano: 15%
• Cabernet Sauvignon: 10%

Grape harvest 2012

The 2014 wine harvest was dry and there was very little rain. It came after the 2013 harvest with the same characteristics. Because of these hard conditions for the development of the vines and the ripening of the grapes, we decided to move the wine harvest forward. One week in the earlier varieties. Syrah and Graciano were harvested the third week of September and Cabernet Sauvignon could wait until the end of October.


The three varieties come from the plantation which has the same name as this wine: Altocielo. The vineyard is 900 metres high located in the middle of a holm oak wood. We do a vine-growing that respects the environment, boosting the existing biodiversity. Each variety is harvested separately, which allows us to know the characteristics and potential of each one. A fi rst exhaustive selection is made on the land and secondly at the sorting table. Once the grapes are in the deposit, a cold maceration during 4 – 5 days is made until alcoholic fermentation controlled between 24ºC and 26ºC begins. Tasting determines the drawing off, but always after long periods staying in the vat up to 35 days. Low pressing is done to avoid adding non desirable shades to the wine. The malolactic fermentation begins in the deposit and fi nishes in the barrel. Aging takes 12 months in 500 litres French oak barrels.

Tasting note

Altocielo introduces itself with a marvellous dark picota cherry colour and a purplish rim, showing signs of youth, although it has been in a bottle for more than 18 months before entering the marketplace. Smell shows us a wide range of red and black fruits, with predominance of berries. Blue flowers and mild balsamic traces show up while the wine breathes. The entrance into mouth is silky, with a gentle astringency and an acidity that envelops the mouth. The balsamic traces and black fruits, also with a touch of black liquorice make a sip a delight for the senses.