Lunares Red 2014


• Garnacha: 50%
• Syrah: 45%
• Tintilla de Rota: 5%

Grape harvest 2014

The 2014 grape harvest was warmer and dryer than the one in 2013, what made us monitor closely the evolution of the grapes in the vines, holding on to get a great maturation of the tannin, without losing freshness nor an excessive level of alcohol in the wine. Syrah was harvested the second week of September, and Garnacha and Tintilla the third week.


In this wine, the winery is trying to get an important presence of fruit and great freshness, using the wood only to accompany. Grapes come from the 1,000 metres high plantation named Ronda la Vieja, on the base of the Acinipo Roman ruins and the 600 metres high plantation named Huerto de la Condesa. A fi rst selection is made on the land and a second one at the sorting table. Once the wine is in the vat; a cold maceration within 5 days is done until alcoholic fermentation begins naturally controlled between 21-23ºC. Malolactic fermentation is spontaneously done in the vats, fi nishing in barrels with a work of lees. This wine has had a 6 months aging in 500 litres French oak barrels.

Tasting note

This wine shows vivid lively violets and blue and red shades. From the start, smell of berry fruits and red fl owers go with a delicate toasted beginning, coming because of 5 months in 500 litres French barrels. Nice entrance into the mouth, mild tannins and slight remembrance of blue fl owers. Great acidity complements the fresh and fruity way of this Lunares 2014.