Lunares Rosé 2014


• Merlot: 80%
• Garnacha: 20%

Grape harvest 2014

The 2014 grape harvest was warmer and drier than the year before, which permitted us a greater ripening of the grapes, obtaining a fruitier rosé with less vegetable shades. Both varieties were harvested separately. In the fi rst week of September Merlot was harvested and Garnacha in the third week of the same month. Merlot is used to get freshness and berry shades, and Garnacha provides volume in the mouth and red fruits.


Merlot comes from the plantation named Ronda La Vieja. The vineyard is 1,000 metres high located on the base of the Acinipo Roman Ruins. Garnacha comes from the plantation named Huerto de la Condesa, 600 metres above sea level. After a rigorous selection on the land and again in the winery, a special one-night maceration was undertaken. After that, grapes were pressed and debourbaged during two days before natural fermentation begins. Merlot fermentation was done in a stainless steel deposit at 15ºC – 16ºC and Garnacha at 18ºC – 19ºC in 500 litres barrels. Once alcoholic fermentation was fi nished, we decided not to do malolactic fermentation to boost freshness. This wine was raised on lees in a vat for fi ve months.

Tasting note

The fi rst sign of identity of this wine is its colour: intense, remarkable and bright dark pink that comes from a nocturnal 12 hours maceration. Its fragrance suggests to red fruits, together with a touch of white fl ower. The entrance into the mouth is powerful, dry and continuous remembrances of red fruits. Intense and long-lasting; the ideal companion for dishes, such as rice and red fruits salads.