Lunares White 2014


• Chardonnay: 60%
• Sauvignon Blanc: 40%

Harvest Grape 2014

The 2014 grape harvest was warmer and drier than the 2013 one, and this permitted us a greater grape ripening. This white wine represents an evolution from the previous year, from bouquets of seed fruits to bouquets of stone fruits. Both varieties were harvested in the fi rst week of September, looking for a riper Chardonnay with volume in the mouth, and a fresher Sauvignon Blanc with varietal bouquet.


Both varieties of grapes come from the 1,000 metres high plantation named Ronda La Vieja, on the base of the Acinipo Roman ruins. The altitude of the vineyard and the detailed work on the land permit us to have wines with a very good acidity in these latitudes. The two varieties were harvested together, eliminating the grapes that presented symptoms of too much sun. A special cold maceration during two days was done in the winery, after that, was the time to press, decourbage and wait for the fermentation to begin naturally. Fermentation was done between 14ºC and 15ºC during a month and once it was fi nished, we decided not do malolactic fermentation to boost freshness. This wine was raised on lees for fi ve months, taking care of these lees.

Tasting note

At first sight, this wine make us think on its young age, beautiful golden yellow with green reflections. This colour is obtained because of the five months on lees. Thanks to the lees and the oxygen, the wine becomes more golden than what it should be for a wine of its age. A high fruity load appears in the nose, prevailing white fruits, such as pears and apples, over a slight remembrance of tropical fruits. A touch of white flowers complements the whole set. Long and unctuous in the mouth, a characteristic of Chardonnay and the time spent on lees. Sauvignon Blanc, at this altitude, with its acidity, take us once more to the Acinipo Roman Ruins that prevail in Ronda La Vieja landscape.