The vineyard

The name of the vineyard is “Lunares”, hence the name of the winery and some of our wines. The name of the wine was given because of the vineyard’s altitude and because of the name of another adjacent vineyard called “Altocielo”.

The size of the vineyard is 4 hectares in total and the average altitude (because it barely has a flat part) is 890 m. The shape of the vineyard is uneven.

The vine, from which our wines Lunares White and Lunares Rosé come from, lies in the vineyard Finca Ronda la Vieja, at more than 1000 m above sea level. This vineyard was acquired in 2012 by the winery, when it was already nearly 10 years old.

We have another vineyard under a leasing system where part of our grapes, which we use for our Lunares Red, comes from. We make all the field work, so even if it is not of the property, it is as if it would be another of our sons.